My Life. Well it is filled with characters, beauty, chaos, laughter, children, the everyday "norm" and yet, unexpected....


I have an incredible man who made me his partner in life under an ancient Oak Tree... I am honestly infatuated with him... From his soul to his blue eyes, to the way he fathers all of my children... My best friend, who I walk beside.

I am a Mother of 4 children... One Fur Babe.

I love everything about being a mom... I feel like it was my calling in life... Im not perfect at it, by any means, but watching my children flourish drives me to be a better woman and role model for them everyday. I have always dreamed of a big family... One that fills our home with a beautiful energy, where there is love around every corner and silence is almost non-existent... May sound a little strange, but I just cant get enough of the natural chaos that is my little family. Being a mother comes with a primal love, something you feel through every fiber of yourself... Un-explainable.

I love stories... A persons journey, whether told or captured in images. I love books, being lost in someone else world, or encouraged by their experiences and words. I love photography...I love textiles… I have dove farther and farther down that rabbit hole these last few years, and Im finding a creative side I didn’t even know was there. Elizabeth Gilbert says sometimes it just smacks you in the face, so true. I am a vegan, and super passionate about it... My husband and children have followed me on that path and we have found true kindness in our lifestyle to love and care for all of this Earths living Creatures. All lives matter.. I love coffee. The smell of it on early mornings as light peeks through the window shades. I love the ocean and being outdoors... the trees, the elements, nature all around me. I love yoga. I love the color green. And I love love love Birds.

This blog has changed, I feel organically, into something more simplistic.. A little corner of the internet where I can share our story, some of my favorite moments, milestones... I hope you stay tuned, or come visit every now and then...