Vegan Tortilla Soup// Clean eating at its yummiest!


Summer storms are a favorite of mine... forces of nature brought on to give us some relief from the uncomfortable heat... the lightning cracking, the way the drops of rain hit the window, the thunder shaking the house and beating in my chest... Mother Nature is so powerful... nourishing.

Days like this bring on a whole different realm of motivation for me... It lets me reflect on all I can get accomplished right here in my little house... Yoga in my pjs, an art project with the kids, catch up on a favorite novel Iv read 100 times, take a bath in lavender oil... And by golly do some cooking!

On this particular day last week I had an uncontrollable craving for tortilla soup... I needed something hearty, spicy, hot. And I am very happy it turned out just that way...


I used all clean ingredients, focusing on organic produce as much as I could...


Heres what you'll need:


1 can crushed toms

2 1/2 cups veg stock

1 can rotel

1 can black beans (rinsed and strained)

1 c frozen corn

1/2 c water (optional for thinning the soup)

2-3 cloves garlic

1 red bell pep

1 red onion

1 poblano pepper

1 jalapeno

1 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

salt and pepper to taste

red pepper flakes (optional)

1 handful fresh cilantro

1 lime

For toppings: corn tortillas, avocado, more lime and cilantro


Start by pre-heating oven to 500

line a baking sheet with parchment or foil... wash//dry and place bell pep and poblano pep on sheet and pop in oven... cook until skin is charred, about 30-40 mins, then remove from oven and cover with dish towel to cool a bit... when this is cooled you can peel of the skin and chop up


yum yum yum


chop up your garlic and onion... pour some evoo in the bottom of a dutch oven and heat to med-low... drop your chopped veg and let sweat a bit...

while this is making your house smell fabulouso, remove seeds from your jalapeno and chop up- WASH HANDS AFTER DOING THIS!!!


drop in your jalapeno, beans, and corn... let cook till heat comes back up...


then add your cans or toms, rotel, veg stock... stir till combined and bring to a bubble... add in your roasted peps....

This is where you can judge consistency.... I like my soup a little thicker, but if you like it thin, add in some water till desired texture...


Spice it up! Now let this simmer for a while... I believe when cooking sauces and soups, patience is needed... you want those flavors to become acquainted.... fall in love... get jacuzzi happy!

I let mine marinate for about an hour before I started my tortillas...

For this bring your oven back to about 400 degrees.... slice up and spread out on a lined baking sheet... drizzle with a lil EVOO and sprinkle with sea salt....

bake till they become golden...

then get your toppings ready!!


My husband is not a vegan eating machine like I am, so he did add up a lttle shredded Monterrey Jack on his.... you could also top with sour cream... I used fresh lime, cilantro, and of course, tons of avocado! (adds some creaminess!)


End result?? Completely delish.... its clean for your body, incredibly nourishing, a meal you can feel really good about.. and head back for 2nds, Hell 3rds!!!


So until next time, stay healthy friends.... xoxo