A Day at Oseto Beach


We found a little slice of paradise here on Kyushu last weekend...

The kids and I loaded up the van with a picnic full of sandwiches and fruit, a blanket, and a new play list, and took the one hour drive through the mountains to Oseto Beach...

Its settled down through a fishing village where we passed local men playing chess on crates by the side of the road, while the ladies watered their window flowers and gardens... Story and Tea pointed out the boats and named their colors, aqua and white. Madi and Riley jammed out to Vance Joy and watched mountainous views around every corner...

It was a perfect day, although are hearts were swollen with the desire for Dad to be with us... Throwing the kids in shallow water or chasing them down the shore.. seeing every rock and shell the littles found. We spent the day discovering and soaking in the Sun, watching fishermen and climbing rocks, and snuggling on a blanket when the air cooled to watch the day end... We are filling our weekends with exploration, and this beach will be one we will visit regularly...



We miss you terribly Dad... Next time you will be cuddled up on this blanket with us <3

Until Next Time... xoxo