Afternoon at Shirahama Beach

I swear, each beach we seem to discover here in Japan is just as, if not more, beautiful then the last... Or maybe its just that we visit them at different times of the day, under different phases of the moon... Or the feeling and present state of mind we are in are unique onto themselves... Either way, every coastline we visit here in Japan can take you away, can reset your mind and energy... Shirahama did just that...

Our afternoon started out with just plans of a nice drive, a picnic, maybe a sea glass hunt... But the day evolved into so much more... Husband was in Okinawa and was finally able to video chat, so as soon as we layed our blanket on the sand, we were able to grab the phone and see him! Maybe that set the mood for the evening??? From that instant, I was more relaxed, I felt instantly at ease...

The older kids immediately scattered, their default move as soon as they see ocean... Rye and Tea headed straight to the rocks along the water while Madi started walking the beach... Story stayed at my heals, per usual, and we picked flowers we made into halos, and drew circles in the sand...


We tracked Madi down where we found her cleaning the beach! It was Earth Day weekend, but even if it weren't I think I may have found her doing the same.. She has been reading books on the planet, our affect on the environment, and as always, animals... She said she couldn't stand the thought of another sea turtle or bird being caught up in human waste and was shocked by the amount of plastic she pulled up from the sand... By the time we left she had collected a yard waste bag size pile of plastic bags and bottles and Styrofoam... So proud of this kid... I think we will be planning a trip back to clean it up even more before Summer hits!


Rye has been stealing my camera more and more lately and is interested in learning lightroom!! He asks me to direct him, and I am teaching him about back button focus! I love some of the images he has caught lately of Story and I...


Just like Sissy! She has learned to make circles lately, and you can always find her drawing or painting! Another little artist??? Maybe...


School Bus size Pony?? By Teagan...


And giant fish, by Madi...


We ended up staying until the sun set... and by golly it was gorgeous and Im so happy we did. When we were leaving we met a group of Japanese photogs who were snapping shots of the sunset and a little girl blowing bubbles.. They talked to us and took photos of a very shy Story while the other kids chased the bubbles floating down the sand.... Sasebo has been so very welcoming, that same feeling we had in Zushi years ago... Japan, you have my heart <3


Till next time.. xoxo