Bingin Beach Bali

I know, its another Bali post. But By Dang Golly, this trip was so great….

After spending time in Ubud for 3 days, we headed south to Bingin Beach… We rented this incredible Cliffside Beach House off Air BNB, and wow. It didn’t disappoint one damn bit! It was about a 10 minute hike//hand over foot//climb down rocks to get to the giant wooden front doors… Its no wonder they call this Impossible Beach! We got in shape carrying a toddler everywhere, but the aching legs made no difference, it was worth every step.

The Indian Ocean at high tide came right up to the back Beached Patio of the house… Just the sound of the water was incredible! We spent four days here just swimming and lounging and hammock swaying and eating fruit and walking around the Bingin area…. We watched the fire works at night while all of Bali was welcoming in the New Year, hung out down at Kelly’s Warung drinking smoothies and spying surfers out catching waves, and witnessed a Traditional Kacek Fire Dance down in Uluwatu (that post will come up next:))

At low tide we walked the coast through craggy rock, picking up sea shells along the way, and catching glimpses of the ‘Bingin Beach Dog’ who looked just like our Harvey, swimming and running through the sand.

Our driver//guide took us down to Padang Padang Beach, which was just minutes from our house, and where ‘Eat Pray Love’ was shot…

And we ate. A TON! The food was sooooooooo good. Our favorite spots were Bukit Cafe for the coconut pancakes, the Cashew Tree for drinks and nachos (and a fantastic play area for kids!!!), and Om Burger for some of the best Vegan Burgers you will EVER eat in your life!!! Try the charcoal or coconut buns!

Andrew and I will never forget this place… And we plan to visit again! 8 days was not enough………


I honestly cant believe we made this dream trip happen, but that is how I want us to live… In the present with our babes, making things happen however we can. I feel so so so blessed…

Until next time- xoxo