Uluwatu Bali//Kacek Dance

Ahhhh Uluwatu… The Southern Tip of Bali.

We took so much home with us from this trip… An even broader sense of adventure and yearning to see the whole world, its landscapes and people and culture… How incredibly blessed we are to have created this life with our children where we get to travel together and teach and show them how others live around the world. Their eyes are just as open as Husband and mine… They have become, in their own way, charitable and kind, and self aware of the carbon footprint they leave on this planet… Its so cool to watch!

Traveling with kids is not as hard as people make it out to be.. Kids yearn for nature and togetherness! Definitely more expensive, yet worth every penny!

Ok, now all that being said, on our list while in this country was a Kacek Fire Dance! Uluwatu was only a short 20 minute drive down from our rental House in Bingin Beach… The cliffs were indescribably beautiful, the Indian Ocean beating against them, dancing shades of teal and deep blue… Monkeys greet you and roam around as they are protectors of the Hindu Sea Temple, Pura Segara, which dates back to before the 11th Century…

A Kacek Fire Dance is performed every evening at sunset… It attracts so many tourists, and on the day we went we were blown away by the amount of people… You NEED a guide with you, so if you go keep this in mind! We had Ketut with us, as he was on our whole trip… They help you buy your tickets, which was an experience in its own of a mob of people holding money in the air to get seats! And will tell you info about the temple and its history as you walk along the cliffside wall and enter the gates…

The Dance tells a story… There is chanting and excitement and they interact with the crowd! You can see my Bali Video with clips on my YouTube here https://youtu.be/hc8mf6ReUw0 Im not a video maker so don’t judge!

I know I have said this in the other Bali posts, but we cant cant wait to go back…. We still have so much of the island left to explore! So until next time… xoxo