Tea is 8... Stay Wild My Child

My Baby Bird turned 8….

I dont know what it is about my kids getting older each year that just blows my damn mind… Maybe its their personalities taking different shapes and turns, maybe its witnessing their passions running deeper, maybe its just that they are taller and always running in all directions, thats not always my arms anymore….

My Birdy though, well she is a unique like no other…. She has presented us with challenges out of our comfort zone we have had to navigate, a brain development which is hard to keep up with… Her creativity blows our mind, while her feistiness can bring us to tears… She loves hard, but showing empathy or vulnerability is her weakness… She has taught me routine and structure, which I have always been more flighty with… But above all, she shows us what it is to just run free.. Its like nothing Iv ever seen… When we least expect it from her, she will dive into her magical world of pretend she has created, dance to the beat of her own drums, begin laughing or singing out of no-where.

Although her mind is on constant overdrive, she still finds it in her heart everyday to show me so much love…. Even if we have had a “hard day” she still says goodnight at least 7 times, still gives me hugs at the most random moments, something that I feel took years for her to find comforting… She is still young enough that she loves to twirl with me... On my finger, dancing alongside... It's a moment where the whole world around us fades away and the centrifugal motion takes us somewhere peaceful and alone... I hope to always remember how this feels...

Happiest of Birthdays to you my love… My hope is that I do my best to give you a wonderful 8th year of life…. xoxoxoxox To the Moon.