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Tea is 8... Stay Wild My Child

My Baby Bird turned 8….

I dont know what it is about my kids getting older each year that just blows my damn mind… Maybe its their personalities taking different shapes and turns, maybe its witnessing their passions running deeper, maybe its just that they are taller and always running in all directions, thats not always my arms anymore….

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Takeo//Sakura Season

Um Wow. The Sakura this year is sooooooo stunning…

This past week we kicked off Spring Break with a trip out to Takeo… Mifuneyama Ruken. We have been to the gorgeous park in Autumn to see the crazy fire colors of the Japanese Maples (there is another post of that), but this go round the hills were blanketed in blush pink and white blossoms… It was beyond yummy!

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Ikitsuki Island and Hirado Castle

We took on Ikitsuki Island...

When searching for a fun day out a while back, I came across a photo of a large Buddha Statue holding a basket of fish. Im not sure why exactly I was so drawn to it, but after a little research I completely understood... So a day trip was in the works! We were going to visit Daigyoran Kannon...

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Afternoon at Shirahama Beach

I swear, each beach we seem to discover here in Japan is just as, if not more, beautiful then the last... Or maybe its just that we visit them at different times of the day, under different phases of the moon... Or the feeling and present state of mind we are in are unique onto themselves... Either way, every coastline we visit here in Japan can take you away, can reset your mind and energy... Shirahama did just that...

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Huis Ten Bosch

Theres an attraction about 5 minutes from our house called Huis Ten Bosch... We drive by it everyday on our way to school, admiring the dutch architecture from afar, the flowers through the gates... Its a theme park here on Kyushu, done in a Netherlands style, housing large buildings, a clock tower, huge Ferris wheel, shops and restaurants, and fun attractions for the kiddos! We are waiting until Dad returns to do the full sh-bang, but a couple of weeks ago the kids and I ventured a small area of the park, Harbour Zone...

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Nagasaki// Chinese Lantern Festival

Our time spent among-st all of the people is almost indescribable.. There is an energy like no other... The sounds of drums and conversation and children around every corner.. The street food filling ally ways with aromas of peach buns, Chinese fried noodles, skewers of meat and dumplings.. Its a rhythm that just works, thousands all crammed into one street called ChinaTown.

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And Here We Are.

Im starting from today. Today our new adventure begins... Yes, we moved to Sasebo, Japan 6 weeks ago, but the transition was a rough one, at least for husband and I. It has taken us, literally, months to be settled... We feel a bit battered, a bit exhausted, yet part of me I know is stronger, yet again. Each Navy move has its challenges, and moving overseas with a large family, well that one takes the cake! Heres a brief recap of the last 6 weeks...

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