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Bali Swing

Our first day in Ubud was spent mostly walking the streets, checking out the shops, eating at different spots, but lets face it, kids get over that quick!! Even our Kids...

So we made sure ahead of time to have a few options to get us out where they could run and play! We had Ketut meet us in the afternoon and take us for a drive over to the Bali Swing... I had seen images on the Web of beautiful women swinging out over the palms, so honestly didn't know what to really expect... But we were happily surprised! Its a huge open area of discoveries among the rice terrace, with a few swings to choose from!

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Ubud, Bali....

Eight days in Bali just wasn't enough... Over the Christmas break, Husband and I took all 4 kids on a trip... It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to visit this part of Indonesia, and by golly, she didn't disappoint... I don't really know where to start!! So this will be Part 1: Ubud.

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