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Takeo//Sakura Season

Um Wow. The Sakura this year is sooooooo stunning…

This past week we kicked off Spring Break with a trip out to Takeo… Mifuneyama Ruken. We have been to the gorgeous park in Autumn to see the crazy fire colors of the Japanese Maples (there is another post of that), but this go round the hills were blanketed in blush pink and white blossoms… It was beyond yummy!

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Uluwatu Bali//Kacek Dance

Ahhhh Uluwatu… The Southern Tip of Bali.

We took so much home with us from this trip… An even broader sense of adventure and yearning to see the whole world, its landscapes and people and culture… How incredibly blessed we are to have created this life with our children where we get to travel together and teach and show them how others live around the world. Their eyes are just as open as Husband and mine… They have become, in their own way, charitable and kind, and self aware of the carbon footprint they leave on this planet… Its so cool to watch!

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Riding on Trains with Story

She turned 3.

Story has been in love with trains since we moved back to Japan…. When riding in the car she dodges her eyes from one window to the next, spotting them out as they move down the tracks, “Look Mom! A Twaiiin!!” The excitement in her voice is palpable… She notes the colors and how fast its moving, and has told us every time how she wants to ride the rails…

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Bingin Beach Bali

I know, its another Bali post. But By Dang Golly, this trip was so great….

After spending time in Ubud for 3 days, we headed south to Bingin Beach… We rented this incredible Cliffside Beach House off Air BNB, and wow. It didn’t disappoint one damn bit! It was about a 10 minute hike//hand over foot//climb down rocks to get to the giant wooden front doors… Its no wonder they call this Impossible Beach! We got in shape carrying a toddler everywhere, but the aching legs made no difference, it was worth every step.

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Lempuyang Temple

This was my favorite day in Bali.

Top of my Must See list was Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang... The Gates of Heaven. Its said to be one of the holiest places in Bali, and predates almost all of the Hindu temples on the island, at almost 2,000 years old. We knew upon arrival that there wasn't any way we would be able to climb the 7 stations of the temple, at least not with the kids, so Hubs and I will be back someday to conquer that.... However that didn't make our trip any less special...

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Bali Swing

Our first day in Ubud was spent mostly walking the streets, checking out the shops, eating at different spots, but lets face it, kids get over that quick!! Even our Kids...

So we made sure ahead of time to have a few options to get us out where they could run and play! We had Ketut meet us in the afternoon and take us for a drive over to the Bali Swing... I had seen images on the Web of beautiful women swinging out over the palms, so honestly didn't know what to really expect... But we were happily surprised! Its a huge open area of discoveries among the rice terrace, with a few swings to choose from!

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Ubud, Bali....

Eight days in Bali just wasn't enough... Over the Christmas break, Husband and I took all 4 kids on a trip... It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to visit this part of Indonesia, and by golly, she didn't disappoint... I don't really know where to start!! So this will be Part 1: Ubud.

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Mifuneyama Ruken....Autumn, your just so pretty!

Today, December Welcomes us.... Well actually on our side of the world, it was yesterday we said farewell to Autumn ;) And even after 11 months of being back over the big blue, its still crazy for me to put myself in the right time zone...

Japan makes my heart thumpa thump in the Fall.... Every shade of garnet and amber from the maples, the cooler air that is so damn welcome after a relentless Summer, and the introduction to the years Holiday Season, Im always in my element!! I know some of ya'll feel me...

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Saga.... International Balloon Fest

Yeah Yeah, I know... Y'all are so tired of hearing from me how much I love it here, the people here, our experiences.... But the bottom line is that this is TRUTH.

At every turn this country seems to put me in a state of Wonder. My eyes take in the beauty while my soul expands and this feeling of content pleasure with a splash of openness to all this world has to offer washes over me.

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