Memoirs of Motherhood

Oh my Golly……..…. Just this. <3

My heart hurts a bit that I met this stunning Mama just weeks before she left Japan to head back to the states…. How our passed never crossed with her living just a couple blocks from me, I just dont know… But Im so so grateful to have met her and her darling babes, and Im sure we will meet again in the future, because the Navy just tends to do that to us…

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Arthur//Milestones of Childhood

Meet my Buddy Arthur…..

Childhood has so so so many milestones…. From that first cry to laugh to step to word to pee in the potty and climb the stairs and slip down the slide at the playground! But I know one that sticks with EVERY SINGLE one of us parents, is that first day of school…. May it be daycare, Pre-K, Kinder, or College, that nested move is pure heartache and joy… A bittersweet precious moment.

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