Hannah & Austin... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Where do I start, these two…. Just gahhhhhhhhh-lly.

I met this dear girl a few months ago, and felt connected to her immediately… She is beautiful inside and out, compassionate for animals and the environment, and has eyes wide open to let life just flood in… I also crossed paths with her darling man at an Elementary school function last year, where he was volunteering by making terrible balloon animals for the kids with his Navy Dive crew! He made my daughter a snake, and she carried it around all afternoon ;)

I asked Hannah if she would be willing to do a portfolio shoot for me, and she jumped at the chance! Im so so thankful…

The elements however were completely against us on the day of their photos! A typhoon was in the forecast and all of Kyushu island was shutting down… But this couple was down for it anyway! We drove out to Oseto Beach, only to find it was closed for the upcoming storm, then drove (and even hiked a bit in the heat!) around the area until I found this tiny beach… Which ended up being a perfect location…. Again, Thank you both for being awesome and chasing me around Saga!!! The sand was again different then any beach I had visited, but the water was crystal clear and the sky was that perfect level of drama… And I couldn’t have an easier couple to shoot.

The love between these two is raw, honest, real… they have a true connection of friendship, and they reminded me so much of Dear Husband and myself… When souls find each other in this way, its just so natural…

Thank you again Hannah and Austin, y’all are rockstars and Im so happy I was able to capture the pure adoration you share… xoxo