My Madi Paige// Oseto

She will always be my Baby.

Yet she isn’t a baby anymore… She is blossoming. This child who made me a Mother, now 3 inches taller then I am, sharing my clothes, my awkwardness, my gypsy soul, is coming into her own… Its a beautiful yet strange thing to witness… I don’t feel old enough to have a high school kid, I don’t feel ready to let her fly the Nest in a few short years, although I have given her the feathered roots to do so… I feel the time has gone too fast, my breath cant catch.

But here we are anyhow, and Im so proud of this kid. Her Heart. Her Spirit.

Last week we kicked off Spring Break by heading down to the Beach for some fun photos… She stole my favorite skirt in attempts to look graceful, and ended up looking so beautiful. With all of the chaos at home its so special to me to have moments like this with her…

I love you my little Butterfly…. Now stop growing! xoxo