Centeno Family//Nagasaki SkatePark

Oh my gunness… Where do I start.

I met Cassie about a year ago on the school playground… She was chasing around her youngest son, Ares, with such a playful attitude that is almost rare to see sometimes in mamas by the end of the day… I was drawn to her. Seriously. Moth to a flame.

After just spending a couple of after school playground hours with her I asked if she might be interested in a lifestyle family shoot… I Loved the look and vibe of her family and was completely inspired, so I dove in, asked, and her reaction was awesome! She said “I was going to ask YOU if you could do our pics!” Yey!

Summer began and we all had more time on our hands, so I started brainstorming where I would like to take them… My first impulse was a sunset beach shoot… Or maybe even downtown… But I really thought about it and said to myself, Iv done this many many times before… Where would the kids be most at ease, be themselves? Where would they have fun!? I remembered Cass recently uploading some pics from their trip to a skatepark down in Nagasaki… The boys were so so happy in all of the shots! So I just knew this was where we needed to be…

And I think her husband was most stoked about it.. haha

Koe Skatepark in nagasaki is just so cool… It takes about an hour and a half to get there from where we live in Hario, but I blared Eminem the whole way to ease the butterflies, (a little nervous since I hadn’t shot photos in a long time!) and because I can’t listen to it with kids in the car! FREEDOM!! (jk) (kinda) The drive down is gorgeous, through the mountains and along the coast… It was my first time away from the littles in MONTHS, and honestly it was a welcome break… Back to doing something I enjoy outside the home.

I had a little discouragement when I first arrived since the place was packed with skaters! But over a little time of us just people watching and chasing the boys, the crowd thinned out and I started shooting… Right. Back. In. My. Grove. Like I never stopped…

It was the most fun shoot I have done in a very long time… Dad stole Rocky’s board and found his skate-legs (which was damn impressive!) Ares warmed up to me and let me follow him everywhere… Rocky taught me his new favorite word “legit” and was super excited to show me his tricks and be in front of my lens… And talking with Cassie was like hanging with an old friend…

Their gallery is huge, but it was for my portfolio and Im super thankful to them for that… This is what Documentary Style Photography is…. Capturing a memory in its pure form… Fun and tender and honest.

Hope you enjoy! xoxo