Documenting YOUR Story.

I see the world in pictures, almost always have. Im constantly cropping frames in my head I want to freeze, holding onto a precious minute, searing it into my mind so I just won’t forget the fleeting moment as its passing before me…. We remember the big stuff from our lives- heartache, events, trips, milestones, LOVE, but there are those little details that will eventually slip through the cracks of our conscious..  

A Photograph to me is like a song, you know, that one you hear come on the radio you haven’t heard since high school, but it takes you right back—— Who you were in that time, how your heart felt, the atmosphere around you, an instance you didn’t think you could recall… Then BAM! Its all rushing back like a bucket of water being thrown in your face….

The butterflies from that honest Love. The raw connection between family. Our children’s youth, and play, and imagination. Their little personalities will be growing up and taking on the world someday…. These are the memories I want to capture. I want to document.

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What to expect??

My photography style is very laid back. I want to capture YOU. Your life as it is, the real, the everyday norm, the honest. I will encourage connection, and give direction when needed, but allow you to just BE. I always ask that you choose a location of comfort and happiness, whether that be your home or the ocean, your backyard or playground around the corner. People show their souls when they feel like themselves, in a familiar place.

I LOVE photographing kids… Im a Mama of 4, ranging from toddler to teen, and have worked with children in DayCares and Preschool classes… They usually warm up to me and my big-ol camera during the shoot, but if they are shy at first I welcome it… Just cuddle into mama, or hide behind that tree, they almost always come around… I love to get in and splash in the waves with them, or draw in the sand. Chase them around a skatepark while they show me their favorite trick, or find clouds shaped like dinosaurs in the sunsetting sky.

My style has changed so very much since the last time I offered photography… Gone are my days of staged sessions… It wasn’t true to me. If your interested in working with me, please send me a message! My Sites are all growing and changing, but you can Follow me on Facebook @ or on my personal Instagram @motherlewey

I would love to meet with you and discuss your ideas- To make these photos more then something to hang on the wall, to create a Memory.