Just about anything made with a persons hands is dear to me. I whole heartedly support the artisans, the makers, the small shops, and respect the amount of work and creativity they put into their pieces.

I think I have had a pull towards textiles since childhood, but it wasn't until I had children of my own that the desire to create things with them sprung to life...

I love to knit and crochet, I find it very therapeutic.. The repetitive stitching and the softness of the strands of cotton or hemp running through my fingers... I can almost get into a medative state working on a blanket or scarf or hat.

I love to sew. Fabrics are so diverse, colors and prints and textures... I have learned to dye with plants, berries and teas and acorns and onion skins and flowers, and that love is growing more wild by the day... I keep the material VEGAN, using linen and cotton and hemp. This is a new creative process for me but the results are so earthy and diverse. Its like a surprise since you never know how a shade will turn out!

Making dolls and quilts has become a craving. I itch to find time to get into my studio and piece fabric together into a creation! My girls sneak into my space to see if the new critter or "friend" is for them... They inspire me and are a huge part of my creative process... The quilting is fresh for me, and Im growing with every strip I stitch together.

If you wold like to see some of my creations, please visit my FaceBook page facebook.com/leweysnest

(Materials used in my work are purchased supporting Ethical Standards and Small Shops)


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